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Meeting Agenda - Oct 16

Hi everyone, I have added a proposed agenda for our meeting tomorrow in our Agenda document (here). It is copied below as well for convenience.  Please let me know if you have additions, suggestions or comments.







  • Housekeeping
    • Welcome new members (Steve Springett, Ido Green)
    • Face to Face Meeting(s)
      • Longer Conference Call Week of Nov 4?
        • One week ahead of 11/11 submission
        • Keep in mind for working group members
      • Nov 18/19 in SanDiego (CD Summit/Kubecon)?
        • Opportunity to meet; Kay exploring meeting locations
      • Dec 10/11 in Long Beach CA (OMG Technical Meeting)
        • Half day on 10th/full day on 11th
        • Dec 9 - presentation to OMG Architecture Board
        • Dec 12 - Architecture Board meets again
  • User scenarios (here) - Kay (filling in for William Bartholomew)
    • What are some reference examples for user scenarios (per Kay’s email to WG)?
    • What other scenarios do we want to add?
    • Small working group for scenarios? Who involved? Next steps?
  • SPDX 3.0
    • William Bartholomew presented SBOM-friendly SPDX 3.0 at monthly tech meeting
      • Remove requirements on licensing
      • Add concepts including the following
        • Signing
        • Ways of describing people, companies (identity)
        • Partial consumption of external SBOM (take a file out of another package)
        • Enhance concept of annotations – attach structured data to different entities in the SBOM
      • Split into profiles (base, licensing, security, etc.)
  • Plan for next week