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SBOM Meeting Agenda - 10/30/2019

Hey everyone,


I have updated our Weekly Meeting Agenda and Notes document with a proposed agenda for tomorrow’s meeting, pasted below for convenience.  Please let me know if you have additions or changes.


Thanks everyone for your participation!



Agenda and Notes:

  • Housekeeping
    • Record meeting
  • Welcome new members 
    • Anna Debenham - Snyk
    • Allan Friedman - NTIA
    • JC Herz - Ion Channel
    • Ian Geoghegan - Microsoft, Software Supply Chain Security
    • Fahad Ahmad - Microsoft, Build Systems
  • Upcoming Meetings
    • Face to Face meeting Nov 18 in San Diego (CD Summit/Kubecon)?
      • Opportunity to meet; Kay exploring meeting locations
      • Kay, Santiago, Dan, Steve, others?
    • Face to Face meeting Dec 10/11 in Long Beach CA (OMG Technical Meeting)
      • Half day on 10th/full day on 11th
      • Dec 9 - presentation to OMG Architecture Board
      • Dec 12 - Architecture Board meets again
  • Model (here) - Philippe-Emmanuel Douziech
  • User scenarios (here) - Kay

Spec (here) - Bob