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Meeting in Long Beach next week

Hi All,


Our next SBOM working group meeting will be next week Long Beach, California at the quarterly OMG Technical Meeting.  All are welcome (see details at the end of this email).


I have started an agenda for our meeting here:




Let me know if you have comments and suggestions.


A number of people will not be able to attend in person.  I will send out a ‘Teams Meeting’ invitation shortly with phone and video conference links.





Meeting registration information


Face to Face meeting Dec 10/11 in Long Beach CA (OMG Technical Meeting)

§  Registration Page: https://www.omg.org/meetings/ca-2019/index2.cgi?noid=yes

·         Check boxes for ‘Software Bill of Materials WG’ on 12/10 and 12/11

·         Discount Code: TCCACQ19

·         Half day on 10th/full day on 11th

·         $150 Registration includes 

o    Lunch before meeting on Tuesday the 10th

o    Lunch Wednesday, Heavy Appetizer Wednesday evening

Hotel reservations: https://www.omg.org/events/ca-19/hotel.htm.