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RE: [cdfoundation/sig-security-sbom] Support schema definitions (#6)

Up until now, I have been using Visual Paradigm for modeling. 


Visual paradigm support XMI for import/export but only version 1.0, 1.2, and 2.1 of XMI.


Steve opened an issue with compatibility between the Visual paradigm XMI and 2 other tools in the SPDX spec git repo: https://github.com/spdx/spdx-spec/issues/164


I don’t have any opinion on the model data interchange standard as long as it is a standard that supports UML modeling and there is a reasonable choice of tools which support the standard.


For 3.0, I am open to switching tools to GenMyModel.com it if simplifies the import/export issues.  It looks like GenMyModel supports import of XMI version 1.1 and 2.0 (note the non-intersecting versions compared to Visual Paradigm).


As an aside, I find it interesting that as a standards group attempting to create a unified SBOM standard, we’re having trouble finding a standard interchange format for our UML model – a standard that has long been established.  Hopefully, we’ll do better at creating interchange data formats between tools 😉




From: Kay Williams <kayw@microsoft.com>
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Subject: FW: [cdfoundation/sig-security-sbom] Support schema definitions (#6)


Hey everyone, we’ve been having a discussion on GitHub about the best way to collaborate on modifications to the SBOM model.


Currently we are modeling via XMI.  This appears to have limitations based on tools available.


An alternative is to model in XSD.


Can folks weigh in with pros/cons/alternatives?


Feel free to comment by replying either to this alias, or directly to the GitHub issue.





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Subject: Re: [cdfoundation/sig-security-sbom] Support schema definitions (#6)


The XMI that was shared cannot be opened in StarUML, but can be opened in GenMyModel. So it appears that in order to look at the model, we'll always need to be online, and we'll always need to use this single tool.

The exported XMI does not contain a diagram. So there's no way to visualize the relationships between the various objects without having to resort to images. This is so frustrating. Seriously, if we were modeling in XSD, anyone could use virtually any XML authoring tool and visualize the model while they author it.


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