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Agenda for 12/18 SBOM WG Meeting

Hey everyone,


Here is an agenda for our upcoming meeting at 12/18 12 PM Pacific time.  This is also captured in the Weekly Agenda and Notes document.


Please let me know if you have additional topics, or feel free to add them directly to the document (see link above).





Agenda and Notes:

  • Housekeeping
    • Record meeting (recordings here)
    • No meetings next two weeks: 12/25 and 1/1
  • Upcoming Dates/Meetings
    • Draft Spec Submission - February 24
    • RSA Conference Feb 24-28 - San Francisco, CA
    • Next Technical Meeting March 23 - Reston VA
  • Discussion
    • Model
      • Model update (Phillipe-Emmanuel)
      • Model generation
        • Tools (GenMyModel, others)
        • Format (XMI, XSD)
    • Time allowing:
      • CISQ Website update:
        • Add a paragraph to describe our process which is to include, understand and leverage existing efforts (NTIA, SPDX, in-toto, Grafeas, CycloneDX, SWID, others) to create a general artifact metadata standard.
        • TODO: write and review the paragraph.
      • Scenarios - Kay