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SBOM WG Meeting Agenda 1/8

Hi everyone,


Welcome back and best wishes for the new year!  We will pick up our regular SBOM meetings beginning tomorrow at 12 PM Pacific.  Below is our agenda for tomorrow’s meeting (live document here). Please send any additions, suggestions and clarifications.





Agenda and Notes:

  • Housekeeping
    • Record meeting (prior recordings here)
  • Upcoming Dates/Meetings
    • Draft Spec Submission - February 24
    • RSA Conference Feb 24-28 - San Francisco, CA
      • Bob Martin, Kay Williams, Bryan Sullivan, Allen Friedman to attend
    • Next OMG Technical Meeting March 23 - Reston VA
  • Discussion
    • Model update -  Phillipe-Emmanuel, Gary O’Neall, William Cox, others
      • Attribute Naming
      • Relationships Model
    • Model generation tools
      • XMI Generation Tools (GenMyModel?)
      • Documentation Generation Tools (Phillippe-Emmanuel)
    • Scenarios - Kay
      • Folder structure here
      • Scenario Generation Tools?
        • Database of scenarios
        • Automatic update/validation on model changes
    • Website update:
      • Add a paragraph to describe our process, e.g. understand user scenarios of existing efforts (NTIA software transparency, SPDX, in-toto, CycloneDX and SWID); create a general metadata standard that is suitable across all.