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Meeting Agenda - Wednesday 1/22 12 PM Pacific

Hi All, here is an agenda for our meeting tomorrow (which you can also find here).


Let me know if questions, comments or additions.




Agenda and Notes:

  • Housekeeping
    • Record meeting (prior recordings here)
  • Upcoming Dates/Meetings
    • Draft Spec Submission - February 24
    • Next OMG Technical Meeting March 24 & 25 - Reston VA
      • $225 registration fee covers conference room, snacks, lunch and light dinner on Wednesday.
      • Agenda - 
        • Discussion
          • Changes requested by technical board, if any
          • Next steps - additional scenarios, documentation, tooling, additional participants, etc.
  • Discussion
    • Scenarios - Kay
      • Folder structure here
      • Next step - add scenario narratives
      • Hold off on example JSON/XML until we’ve worked through SPDX migration issues
      • Scenario Generation Tools?
        • Phillippe-Emmanuel’s scenario illustration scripts?
    • Model
    • Website update:
      • Add a paragraph to describe our process, e.g. understand user scenarios of existing efforts; create shared model.