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Tool-to-Tool SBOM meeting in Reston VA, March 24-25


We are well on our way to submitting the draft tool-to-tool SBOM Exchange Metamodel standard on February 24 to meet the OMG's submission rules that new material be sent 4 weeks before the submission meeting.

That submission meeting is the week of March 23rd in Reston VA and will be held at the Reston Hyatt Regency.

The group we are submitting to (the Architecture Board) meets on Monday and Thursday afternoons and we plan on presenting at the Monday afternoon session.

We will get feedback from the Architecture Board on what we submit at the end of February before the meeting and have the opportunity to address their comments and questions as part of what we present on that Monday.

We can also continue to evolve the specification after we send the draft in February but we will need to connect changes to an issue that motivates the changes and explain those issues and changes when we present to the Architecture Board.

As discussed in the last few weekly meetings, we are planning to have an in-person meeting on the two days following the submission session on Monday so that if there are unresolved comments/questions from the Architecture Board we can work through them, make changes, and re-present at that Thursday's session.

If we are successful on Monday we will have the two-day meeting to work on the many details that remain on the specification, especially the use cases.

The registration is open for the OMG Reston meeting:


Please select the Tuesday and Wednesday "CISQ SBOM" meeting and use the code TCVACQ20.

With this discount code the charge is $225, which covers lunch both days, morning and afternoon breaks, and a light cocktail-party style meal Wednesday evening with a wine & beer open bar.

Overall meeting details are here: <https://www.omg.org/events/va-20/index.htm> including hotel details.

Please let me know if you will be attending so I can make sure we have a room that fits us all.



Robert (Bob) Martin
Tool-to-Tool SBOM Exchange Std Co-Chair
Sr. Secure SW & Technology Principal Eng.
Trust & Assurance Cyber Technologies Dept
Cyber Solutions Technical Center
MITRE Corporation