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Agenda for 2/12 Meeting - 12 PM Pacific

Hi community, here is what I have as our agenda for this coming Wednesday (copied below for convenience). Following on Mark Galpin’s suggestion from our last meeting, I would like to spend the bulk of our time on this question:


“What is our definition of done for a draft specification?”


I will try to keep us from getting into details and decisions on particular topics (e.g. user scenarios). Our goal for tomorrow is to create the list of what must be done, and discuss next steps.


Thoughts and suggestions are welcome.







  • Welcome new members
  • Upcoming dates/meetings
    • March 24 & 25 - OMG Technical Meeting Reston VM
      • SBOM WG Face-to-Face
      • Registration information here
      • Agenda outline here
    • May 11 or 18
    • June 15-19 or 22-26 - OMG Technical Meeting - Orlando, FL USA
      • SBOM WG Face-to-Face
  • Discussion
    • What is our definition of done for draft specification?
      • Planning (get agreement on …)
        • Scenarios (inclusive/exclusive)
          • In-toto, SPDX, CycloneDX, NTIA, Hardware/IoT, Other
        • Model format (UML), serializations (XMI, RDF/OWL)
        • Default and supported serializations
          • XML, JSON, JSON-LD, graph centric, tree-centric
        • Supported translations
          • SPDX, CycloneDX, other
        • Persistence (graph database, file system)
        • Licensing (specification and software) and legal organization
      • Tooling (what tooling do we need for …)
        • Model visualization, serialization, documentation
        • Content serialization, documentation
        • Translations, documentation
        • CI/CD Pipeline (quality assurance, use case validation)
        • What else?
      • Submission
        • Specification document
        • Link to use cases
      • What else?
    • Next steps?
      • Break into subgroups? Work through use cases together?