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Agenda for 2/19 Meeting - 12 PM PST

Hello Everyone,

I will be covering for Kay Williams tomorrow, she is currently out on vacation this week.   I would like to review some housekeeping items and continue our discussion around user scenarios from last week.





  • How will we make trade-offs between use case coverage and submission date? 

    • Date driven: Pick a submission date (e.g. mid-May), and choose a small, cohesive set of use cases to support for that date? 

    • Minimum Viable Specification: Similar to the above, but be willing to slip the submission date if spec is not ready by May? 

    • Full coverage: Similar to above, but choose a fuller set of scenarios and slip date until specification ready. 

    • Other 

  • What process will we use to reach agreement and prioritize use cases?  

    • Start with scenarios from Nashville? 

    • Start with use cases from an existing community? 

      • Might help us get traction sooner? 

      • Which existing community? 

        • In-toto - supply chain integrity 

        • SPDX 2.x - open source licensing 

        • CycloneDX - software composition analysis 

        • NTIA - ...

  • How will we share and track changes to use cases? 

    • Currently we have folders in Google Drive (here) 

      • We can create one document per use case within folders 

      • Or collapse to a single folder if easier 

    • We can move to GitHub if desired 

      • Slightly harder to work with in GitHub? 

      • Create a new repo with public commit rights?