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Re: [EXT] Agenda for weekly SBOM meeting

For clarification, the June OMG meeting - where we can hopefully engage in our next face-to-face discussions - is June 22-26, 2020 but in Orlando, FL not Boston, MA.


The OMG could not find a large enough meeting space in Boston for either of the two weeks they had been considering and had to move to another venue.



Robert (Bob) Martin
Sr. Secure SW & Technology Principal Eng.
Trust & Assurance Cyber Technologies Dept
Cyber Solutions Technical Center
MITRE Corporation

On 3/9/20 11:28 PM, Kay Williams wrote:
Hi All,

Here is a draft agenda <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XF9xkNpkTLS6Xb8F-OC0Ewvn_ISwCM3t1GlOofdqVuI/edit> for our meeting on Wednesday at 12 PM Pacific, copied below for convenience.

Talk soon,




  * Upcoming dates/meetings
      o March 24 & 25 - OMG Technical Meeting Reston VA
          + Status?
      o June 15-19 or 22-26 - OMG Technical Meeting - Orlando, FL USA
          + SBOM WG Face-to-Face

  * Discussion
      o SBOM/Manifest conversations at RSA (Bob Martin, Allan Friedman)
      o Microsoft thinking about Supply Chain Attestations and SBOMs –
        FWIW (Kay Williams)
      o Agenda for March 18 weekly meeting
      o Agenda for March 24/25 in-person and/or teleconference meetings
      o Next Steps