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Meetings next week

Hi everyone,


First, I hope everyone is safe and well.  Each passing day brings new information and greater caution. Eventually, we will emerge as ever equipped with learnings, science, human ingenuity and a greater sense of global community.


In this environment, it can be hard to think about work.  Yet, work is the topic of this email. Bear with me…


I wanted to let you know about changes to our meeting schedule for next week.


We had been planning several longer two-hour sessions. After discussing with several member of the group, we have decided to postpone these longer meetings.


  • Tuesday 3/24 8-10 Pacific (postpone)
  • Tuesday 3/24 11-1 Pacific (postpone)
  • Wednesday 3/25 8-10 Pacific (postpone)


Instead, we will hold our regular weekly meeting.


  • Wednesday 3/25 12 noon Pacific (reinstate)


I will send updated meeting invitations shortly.


Why this change?


In the background several of us have been meeting to better align the NTIA, 3T-SBOM and SPDX communities. We have been making good progress and will have a proposal to discuss with the group on Wednesday. We wanted to delay the longer meetings until we had group consensus.


Watch for updated meeting invitations. Thanks for your patience. I look forward to talking with you next week.