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3T-SBOM Meeting Agenda

Hi everyone,


Here is a draft agenda for tomorrow’s 12 noon pacific meeting. Additions and suggestions are welcome, please send to me or add directly to the agenda document.



  • Introduce New Members
    • ...
  • Upcoming dates/meetings
    • June 22-26 - OMG Technical Meeting - Orlando, FL USA (or virtual)?
  • Discussion
    • Subgroups
      • Refine subgroups
      • Sign up for subgroups (here)
      • Identify facilitators for each group
      • When to kick off additional subgroups?
        • Start with core and integrity and work out the kinks?
        • Don’t spread ourselves too thin?
    • Core Subgroup recap (William)

Parking Lot

  • Steering committee
    • Naming
    • Licensing (spec and code)
    • Mission, scope, values, governance, licensing, website, etc.
  • Infrastructure needed for subgroups (Google drive, GitHub, mailing lists?, other?)