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SBOM Weekly Meeting Agenda

Hi all,


Here is our agenda for tomorrow’s full SBOM weekly meeting (12 PM Pacific).  You can also find the agenda in this document. Let me know if you have additions or suggestions.





  • Core Subgroup recap (William)
    • Notes (here)
    • Schedule a few longer meetings?
  • Integrity Subgroup (Kay/Santiago)
    • Planning for 1st Meeting
      • Meeting Agenda
      • Draft Specification (using in-toto spec as a starting point)
      • Meeting cadence - 3 hour initial meeting, additional as needed?
      • Interested? Please add your name to the Subgroups document.
      • Kay to send Doodle for meeting time
  • Subgroup timing
    • How to allow broad participation without overwhelming people’s calendars?
    • Wait a little more - allow precedent setting to happen in core group first
  • Timeline
    • What is our definition of done?