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SBOM Full Meeting Agenda - 6/24

Hi all, here is our agenda for tomorrow’s full working group meeting.



  • Introduce New Members
    • Henk Birkholz
  • Upcoming dates/meetings
    • August 17 - Submit draft specification to OMG Technical committee(?)
    • September 14-18, 2020* - OMG Technical Meeting - Virtual meeting(?)
  • All meetings cancelled the week of June 29th
    • Due to conflicting vacations and conferences
    • Meeting owners (integrity, core, defects, full meeting) to send cancellations
  • August 17 draft specification date
    • What are our minimum requirements
    • Discuss as part of core subgroup
  • Defects Subgroup recap (Adrian)
    • Ongoing weekly meetings Thursdays 12 PM Pacific
    • Minutes (here)
  • Core Subgroup recap (Kay)
  • Integrity Subgroup recap (Santiago/Kay)
    • Ongoing weekly meetings Mondays 1 PM Pacific

Minutes (here)