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3T SBOM - Full meeting cancelled tomorrow

Hey everyone,


We have a light agenda for the full meeting tomorrow and will be cancelling.  Watch for a separate meeting cancellation from me.  Instead, we will hold a Core Subgroup meeting. (William, will you send an invitation to core subgroup members?)


Please note there will be an NTIA SBOM quarterly virtual multi-stakeholder meeting on Thursday from noon to 4pm Eastern.  I have included details for that meeting as an attachment to this email.  Everyone is welcome to attend. Contact Allan for more information.


Until next week…





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Dear Stakeholders,


We are looking forward to Thursday’s virtual multistakeholder meeting. Below are links to the presentations and draft deliverables from each working group, also available on the NTIA website here. The working groups are requesting feedback on the draft documents and will share more in their presentations.

·         Draft agenda

·         Framing Working Group Presentation

·         Framing Group Draft: Software Identity Discussion and Guidance

·         Framing Group Draft: Sharing and Exchanging SBOMs

·         Healthcare Proof-of-Concept Presentation

·         Formats & Tooling Working Group Presentation

·         Formats & Tooling  Draft: SBOM Tool Classification Taxonomy

·         Awareness & Adoption Working Group Presentation

·         Awareness & Adoption Draft: SBOM Overview “two pager”

·         Awareness & Adoption Draft: FAQ

As a reminder, the remote participation details are below, and will be available at NTIA’s software transparency website.

July 9, 12-4pm ET

Call bridge:  877-716-4284

International dial-in: +1-312-470-7168

Passcode: NTIA

Slideshare: https://mminsusa.webex.com/mminsusa/e.php?MTID=m9dffd6d0485751b9b864c799d0f242a6


Finally, please don’t hesitate if you have any questions. If you can’t make Thursday’s meeting, but would like a briefing on SBOM progress and directions, I’m happy to try to schedule something in the coming weeks.







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