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SBOM meeting tomorrow

Hi All,


Just a note to provide status on subgroup activities, and update you on plans for our next full working group meeting.


First a quick summary of progress:


Core – over the past several weeks, the core subgroup has been discussing our final two core elements (artifact identity and relationships). They will be ready for a readout to the full working group next week.

Identity – the identity subgroup has a draft proposal for document integrity, and will be sharing that with the full working group next week as well.

Defects – The defects subgroup was cancelled last Thursday to avoid a conflict with the NTIA quarterly stakeholders meeting (which many of us attended).  They look forward to meeting again tomorrow and providing an update next week.


Because our agenda is light tomorrow, we will again repurpose the full working group timeslot for use by the core subgroup.  I will send a meeting cancellation soon.


See you all again next week.