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SBOM full working group meeting is ON tomorrow

Hi all,


We will be holding a full working group meeting tomorrow at 12 Noon Pacific Time. You should already have a recurring meeting invitation, let me know if not.


Our agenda is as follows (also available in this document):


  • Core Subgroup recap (William)
    • Recent topics
      • Model diagram
      • Broaden scope to non-software artifacts
      • Upcoming meetings to discuss mapping from 3T to other models
        • SPDX
        • CycloneDX
        • In-toto
        • SWID
    • Ongoing weekly meetings Tuesdays 11 AM Pacific
    • Minutes (here)
  • Defects Subgroup recap (Kay)
    • Ongoing weekly meetings Thursdays 12 PM Pacific
    • Minutes (here)
    • Specification (here)


Talk soon!