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Withdrawal from working group and partipant list

Bob, Kay,

Please remove myself and Patrick Dwyer from the list of participants. Also kindly discontinue use of OWASP and CycloneDX logos in future presentations. I’m not sure what the Dependency-Check logo is doing on the presentations as the leader of that project, to my knowledge, hasn’t been involved in this effort at all.

After months of questions remaining unanswered and countless effort being spent recreating capabilities of others specs (signing, SBOM, etc), I’ve concluded that this effort does not provide additional business value that cannot be easily achieved from existing specs. Adding yet another spec that doesn’t match the capabilities of what’s currently available isn’t a good use of time.

I’m happy to answer questions for the group, but will not be participating in the effort going forward. Please confirm when names and logo usage is removed.

Best Regards,