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Shift Left Requirements Sizing

Shift Left Requirements Sizing


From enterprise end users, system integrators, and the functional sizing community we’re being asked – what can we do to improve sizing and estimation earlier in the lifecycle?

This working group aims to develop a specification that can automatically parse agile stories and epics, a traditional System Requirements Specification (SRS), or even MBSE models and tell you if it is fit for purpose in terms of noun-verb structure and consistency of language for automated sizing. This group will work on a standard for confirming the quality of requirements and their fitness to be functionally sized and estimated, regardless of the requirement elicitation technique. This proposed standard aims to provide consistency across tools and sizing methods and will be the first such standard to do so. Out of scope is specific automation of any one functional sizing method.

The final specification could be used to parse business architecture epics, user stories, or themes to make sure they can be sized and estimated. Teams could still use story point sizing for their own backlogs and the stories can then be linked to an automated functional sizing approach and sized across teams in a way that is consistent, transparent, and with little overhead. This approach would help organizations scale to enterprise agile using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) or Disciplined Agile while improving portfolio and program budgeting and planning.


This proposed specification is in brainstorm stage and we are seeking sponsors to support development.


  • David Norton, CISQ
  • Dr. Bill Curtis, CISQ
  • Dr. Barry Boehm, University of Southern California
  • Paul Seay, Northrop Grumman
  • Paul Cymerman, Quaternion Consulting
  • Charles Wesolowski, IFPUG
  • Lyle Patashnick, Navy
  • Colin Hammond, ScopeMaster Ltd.

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We are seeking Working Group members to contribute to this specification and our roadmap.

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