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Software Quality Consortium to Host Roundtable Discussion on Software Robustness and Resiliency in Capital Markets
Will address the system risk prevalent in today’s financial markets

Needham, MA—The Consortium for Information & Software Quality™ (CISQ™) is pleased to announce it will be hosting an executive roundtable, “Software Robustness and Resiliency in Capital Markets,” on Tuesday, November 19th from 7:30am-10am at the Marriott hotel at Grand Central at 525 Lexington Ave and 48th Street in New York, NY.

The level of software complexity and risk being managed at exchanges and by broker dealers is a major concern in the industry today. Technology leaders need to address software risk in a way that improves the ability to gain competitive advantage and speed to the marketplace. The CISQ roundtable will be an open dialogue on getting ahead of the software robustness issue and upcoming regulations.

Speakers will include: Corey Booth, Partner and Managing Director of Boston Consulting Group, Dr. Bill Curtis, Director of CISQ, and J.P. Chauvet, Chief Architect of Equities at Credit Suisse. Together, they will discuss the challenges of achieving robust and resilient systems in the context of today’s market and technology landscape. In particular, talks will discuss managing the risk-to-speed tradeoff- how to establish the right level of quality governance; implementing structural software quality measurement- deployment challenges and practices; and a summary of Regulation SCI and the CISQ response to the current proposed regulation. The event will close with an open discussion and a question and answer session.

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About CISQ
The Consortium for Information & Software Quality™ (CISQ™) is an IT industry leadership group comprised of IT executives from the Global 2000, system integrators, outsourced service providers, and software technology vendors committed to introduce a computable metrics standard for measuring software quality and size. CISQ is a neutral, open forum in which customers and suppliers of IT application software can develop an industry-wide agenda of actions for improving IT application quality and reduce cost and risk.