New Standard Project
New Standard Project

We are looking for partners to help create a standard that looks at the components needed to secure critical infrastructure with continuous compliance.

35 Years OMG
35 Years of Innovation!

Learn more about where we have been, how our standards have developed, and where we are going!

Build Future of Software Standards
Build the Future of Software Standards

Join standards leaders in shaping the next generation of standards to secure software against cybercrime, defects, and exploits.

Keep Your Software Resilient with ISO 5055
Keep Your Software Resilient with ISO 5055

The standard enables proactive elimination of problems before they have a chance to affect operations.

A New Era of Standards
A New Era of Standards

Learn about our most recent standards projects

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Build the Future of Software Quality Standards

The Consortium for Information & Software Quality (CISQ) stands as a leading advocate for enhancing the quality and reliability of software and information systems. Committed to establishing measurable standards and best practices, CISQ plays a pivotal role in driving improvements across the software development lifecycle. By providing frameworks and guidelines, CISQ empowers organizations to assess and improve the structural quality of their software, thereby minimizing risks and reducing costs. As a trusted authority in the realm of software quality, CISQ fosters collaboration among industry stakeholders, promoting a shared commitment to excellence in information and software systems. Elevate your software quality standards with CISQ and pave the way for more robust, efficient, and reliable digital solutions.

Looking for a trusted advisor to help you navigate software standards? Become a CISQ sponsor and gain access to a community of experts.

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CISQ Standards

CISQ collaborates with the world's top software engineering experts to provide an open-source, freely available set of software coding standards, broken into four characteristics: Reliability, Security, Performance Efficiency, and Maintainability. CISQ software standards are free and available for anyone to use.

Software Sizing Standards

This standard is used to estimate the size of a software application or component to support cost estimating, progress tracking, and other software project management activities.

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ISO 5055

The new standard measures the internal, structural quality of software based on detecting and counting weaknesses in security, reliability, performance efficiency, and maintainability. These factors are critical to measuring how trustworthy, dependable, and resilient a software system will be.

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Technical Debt Standard

The Automated Technical Debt standard estimates the effort to correct all instances of the software weaknesses included in the CISQ code quality standards that remain in a software application's code at release. This estimate can be used to predict future corrective maintenance costs.

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Automated Source Code Data Protection Measure

CISQ created an Automated Source Code Data Protection Measure based on a collection of relevant CWEs software weaknesses that can be used to support enterprise and supply chain needs in protecting data, confidential information, IP, and privacy.

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Through Global Collaboration, CISQ Will:

  • Develop international standards to automate software quality measurement and to promote the development and sustainment of secure, reliable, and trustworthy software

  • Share insight to software standards development thought leadership, trend analysis and industry perspective

  • Create cross-industry software quality weaknesses and definitions

  • Educate, evolve, and refine software standard deployment and adoption

  • Provide definitive resources for CISQ community members

  • Advise software standard benchmarking for industry leaders in modernization

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