Best Practices in Software Process and Product Measurement


1/2 day


Dr. Bill Curtis, Executive Director, Consortium for Information & Software Quality (CISQ)


  • IT or software executives
  • Software project, Scrum, or application managers
  • Quality assurance executives, managers, and professionals
  • Process improvement or software measurement professionals
  • CTOs or senior architects
  • Academics and researchers in the area of software measurement
  • Anyone interested in learning more about the measurement of both software processes and products


This tutorial covers advances in software measurement over the last decade, with a focus on three areas: productivity measurement, the measurement of improvement programs, and the measurement of software products. It includes case studies of successful measurement as well as the instructor’s own experiences in setting up corporate software measurement programs, process improvement programs, and product measurement systems.

Attendees will learn:

  • best measures for different development methods
  • best practices for valid productivity measures and their uses
  • key indicators of improvement progress
  • how measurement changes by organizational maturity level
  • best practices for measuring lean, high maturity, and improvement progress
  • how software product quality measurement has advanced

The tutorial is split into 4 sections:

1: Measuring Software Size and Productivity

2: Measuring to Manage Software Products

3: Measuring Software Improvement Programs

4: Measuring Quality and Technical Debt

Download the tutorial slides (PDF)