Governing Board

Meet the Governing Board Members

CISQ's Governing Board consists of sponsors affiliated with a founding organization or corporate member company. It sets the program's direction, including the roadmap for standards development and the publication of technical guidance. The board meets with the Advisory Board throughout the year.

  • Dr. Bill Curtis CISQ Governing Board Member

    Dr. Bill Curtis

    Executive Director, CISQ
  • Bill Hoffman CISQ Governing Board Member

    Bill Hoffman

    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Object Management Group
  • Ms. Katie Hart

    Katie Hart

    Program Director, CISQ
  • Dr. Paul Nielsen

    Dr. Paul Nielsen

    Director & Chief Executive Officer, Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Mr. Lev Lesokhin

    Rado Nikolov

    EVP and CMO, CAST
  • Anita D'Amico

    Anita D'Amico

    Vice President, Cross-Portfolio Solutions and Strategy, Synopsys Inc.
  • Pepijn van de Kamp

    Pepijn van de Kamp

    Head of Innovation, Software Improvement Group
  • Mr. Chris Ganacoplos

    Chris Ganacoplos

    VP of East and Federal for Puppet Perforce IT Operations, Perforce