A Bottom-Up Push for DevOps Software Quality

Development teams are taking DevOps code quality seriously and building quality and security into the software development lifecycle. DevOps and DevSecOps are increasingly being embraced by enterprise IT teams to tighten the feedback loop between IT, operations, and the customer. Legacy IT modernization continues to be a top priority to lower cost, increase flexibility and improve software resilience. We are seeing more advocates for DevOps code quality across dev teams, and management has the data on the cost of poor quality software and motivation it needs to provide the air cover and support to prioritize DevOps code quality.

Building the Enterprise Toolchain for DevOps Software Quality

Best-in-class software development teams are building out their toolchains and increasing automation to provide better coverage and DevOps code quality at scale. By paying attention to DevOps code quality at both the whole-product and the code level, the best teams protect their business by building resilience into their products, and save time by producing a codebase that requires less maintenance and rework.Typical Enterprise DevOps Toolchain

The code quality standards from CISQ (the set of coding rules for Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, and Maintainability) can be used in three ways:

  1. To specify nonfunctional requirements during the Requirements and Design phase
  2. To help developers check the right things in their code during the Code Quality, Coverage and Repo phase
  3. To ensure overall product reliability, security, and performance efficiency in the Integration and Functional Testing phase

DevOps Software Quality Standards in the Pipeline

Here is a visual of where code quality standards from CISQ fit in the common iterative DevOps process.

CISQ code quality standards in DevOps toolchain