Software Standards that Work

CISQ brought together the world's top software engineering experts to identify the shortest possible list of coding standards that covers the majority of critical software issues. Having already gone through two evolutions, this list now contains just under a hundred coding standards. These coding standards have been empirically proven to prevent severe problems in live systems. Why are CISQ coding standards so impactful? They include architecture and design-level patterns, the ones that really hurt. System-level flaws account for 90% of structural outages according to software engineering literature.

Software Standards that Reduce Production Problems

CISQ coding standards are in use by all the top systems integrators that write software, and many enterprises such as Cognizant, CGI, Tech Mahindra, GSA, BNY Mellon, U.S. Air Force, Generali, BMW, and many other global brands. Using the coding standards leads to a reduction in corrective maintenance costs.

Software Standards That are Open Sourced

CISQ collaborates with the world's top software engineering experts to provide an open source, freely available set of coding standards, broken into four characteristics: Reliability, Security, Performance Efficiency and Maintainability. CISQ coding standards are free and available for anyone to use.

Download the Rules How to Build Good Software