Paul Bentz is CISQ’s Director of Government and Industry Programs. Mr. Bentz promotes standards with European regulators and governing bodies in various industries. Mr. Bentz ran large international IT organizations for more than 30 years, spending 20 years at Paribas, the investment bank, as Group CIO when it merged with BNP in 2000 to become BNP Paribas, and then at Allianz, the insurance giant, as Regional CIO. LinkedIn



Professor Herb Krasner retired from the University of Texas at Austin. He was the Director of Outreach Services for the UT Center for Advanced Research in Software Engineering (ARiSE) and founder and CTO of the UT Software Quality Institute (SQI). As a systems excellence consultant, his mission, spanning five decades, has been to enable the development of superior software intensive systems, and to stamp out poor quality software, wherever found. Mr. Krasner is active in Texas state legislature IT improvement initiatives. LinkedIn

Lev Lesokhin

Lev Lesokhin

Lev Lesokhin was one of the founding members of CISQ and has assisted in building the consortium from the start. He is an expert in ADM management, measurement and governance. Mr. Lesokhin was on the executive team as the head of technology and analytics for CAST, a prominent player in automating software measurement. Prior roles included the launch team for SAP's first SaaS product, building the first web-based CRM for a major telecom, and serving as a management consultant to large enterprises.  LinkedIn



Robert "Bob" Martin is a Senior Principal Engineer in Cyber Security Partnerships at MITRE. He is an active contributor to the ITU-T, ETSI, OMG, Open Group, and ISO on various aspects of cybersecurity and assurance and is a Steering Committee member of the Industrial Internet Consortium. Over the past 27 years, Mr. Martin has utilized his expertise and experience in software quality and cybersecurity to help sponsors as well as to create and promote public international community initiatives such as SACM, SQAE, CVE, CAPEC, and CWE, which include large active vendor and research communities. Linkedin



Steven Hall is President of Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) at ISG. Mr. Hall is a member of ISG’s Executive Board and leads ISG’s Digital Advisory Business unit, which includes digital strategy, cloud transformation, agile enterprise, workplace of the future and other emerging technologies. Mr. Hall is the “go-to” Partner in the firm for clients seeking innovation. LinkedIn

Richard Knaster

Richard Knaster

Richard Knaster is the Vice President and Chief Scientist for Value Stream Management at He has more than 30 years' experience in software and systems development and IT. Before joining, Richard was a SAFe methodologist, and principal consultant at Scaled Agile, Inc. Prior to that Richard was Chief Agile Methodologist at IBM and has held several executive roles in IT and software development (CIO, CTO, VP Development). He has been leading large-scale Agile transformations for well over 15 years and is passionate about helping organizations create a better work environment to deliver value, improve quality and flow, and be more engaging and fun. Richard has written 5 books on SAFe and recently published an eBook on Value Stream Management.

Joe Jarzombek


Joe Jarzombek is Director for Government and Critical Infrastructure Programs at Synopsys. For 10+ years, Mr. Jarzombek was Director for Software and Supply Chain Assurance at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. He is an expert in software assurance and supply chain risk management. LinkedIn