Software Certification

Certify the Level of Quality of Each Release

Certify the Level of Quality of Each Release

One of the most important uses of having standards to measure software quality characteristics is to be able to certify software to be at acceptable levels of risk to the business or mission the software supports. CISQ is developing a method by which organizations can certify the software end product against the Reliability, Security, Performance Efficiency and Maintainability standards approved by OMG. A tool that is CISQ-conformant may provide this certification. We expect software quality certification to become available in 2019.

Technology Conformance Assessment Method

Are you a tool vendor or service provider that supports the standards and would like to provide certification? A conformance assessment method is available to validate that software quality tools and IT service providers are conformant to CISQ/OMG structural quality standards. The provider can certify software quality characteristics (Security, Reliability, Maintainability, etc.) of a software product.

Tools that are CISQ-conformant must demonstrate compliance in four areas:

  1. The capability to properly load and prepare all software within the analysis boundary
  2. The capability to analyze and detect all CISQ quality characteristic violations within the scope of the quality characteristics for which certification is sought
  3. The capability of the software to accurately compute the CISQ-specified measures from the results of the analysis
  4. The capability to provide auditable reports that identify all violations detected in the analysis and the measures derived from the software

Evaluation of service process consists of three sub-processes:

  1. A service engagement process
  2. An application set-up and analysis process
  3. A results delivery and interpretation process

Download CISQ Conformance Assessment Method: Quality Characteristic Measures