Automated Function Points

The Automated Function Point (AFP) standard is used for automating the functional sizing of transaction-oriented software applications. The CISQ AFP specification is based on the Function Point Counting Guidelines maintained by the International Function Point User Group (IFPUG), the largest and most active community for Function Point software sizing. Where necessary, subjective judgments of function elements were removed in order for the specification to be automated. The benefits of an automated measure include speed, cost-efficiency, and repeatable, consistent counts that eliminate the ± 10% variance among manual function point counters.

Access the OMG® standard here:

The AFP standard is also an ISO standard. Access ISO 19515:2019 here:

Organizations can apply Automated Function Points to measure the size of a software product. Along with selected other measures, function points can be used in the following activities:

  • Software quality and productivity analysis
  • Estimating the costs and resources required for software development, enhancement, and maintenance
  • Calibrating estimating methods against the results of past estimates
  • Contracting with and managing contracts with system integrators and outsourcers
  • Normalizing data used in software comparisons
  • Determining the size of a purchased application package (COTS or customized system) by sizing all the functionality included in the package
  • Enabling users to determine the ROI of an application by sizing the functionality that specifically matches the requirements of their organization

Also see Automated Enhancement Points for sizing non-functional code.