Green IT Measure

CISQ has provided a definition of an Automated Source Code Green Measure, or Green IT Measure. Although not proposed as a standard, it is developed from weaknesses included in the CISQ code quality standards.

The motivation for this measure is the use of electricity measures in kilowatt hours (kWh) and that can produce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. By making IT operations more efficient, we can reduce unnecessary CPU cycles which will lower kWh consumption and CO2 emission.

The CISQ Green IT Measure identifies constructs in the software that drive high CPU, network, and disk use. For example, eliminating “pipe leaks” (data access inefficiencies) and “stuck valves” (lack of indices in queries on large tables) reduces excess processing that drives energy use and increases the carbon footprint. Green IT can be measured through static code analysis on source code.

For more information on Green IT, visit CISQ’s wiki, Automated Source Code Green Measure.