ISO 5055: Automated Source Code Quality Measures

Presented on April 22, 2021

CISQ is happy to announce the Automated Source Code Quality Measures are now an International Standards Organization (ISO) standard - ISO/IEC 5055:2021. CISQ sponsors developed the measures, which are also available as international standards through the Object Management Group® (OMG®).

The standard measures the structural quality of software based on detecting and counting weaknesses in security, reliability, performance efficiency, and maintainability. The ISO/IEC 25010 standard defines each of these four quality characteristics. ISO/IEC 5055 is the first ISO standard to measure software qualities such as security and reliability with measures taken directly from internal, structural aspects of software rather than from its operational behavior. This allows developers to detect and remove critical weaknesses before they cause operational problems. The measures also provide management an indicator of the risk to which business is exposed by software applications.